Episode #2 Wonder Woman and Women in Comics

Featuring special guest: Nicole Drespel

  • 0:00:00 Intros made, and prepare to visualize eating Thanksgiving dinner off of Matt’s body
  • 0:01:18 Topic broached, previously Matt asked Nicole to read Wonder Woman #1-2. Nicole gives her first impression of Wonder Woman prior to the reading. Note: she is NOT girl Superman.
  • 0:02:54 Superhero voices, something to consider! Also, Paul Lynde superheroes.
  • 0:04:07 Matt talks about his prior experience with Wonder Woman
  • 0:07:21 Brett talks about Wonder Woman and of course works in fast food into it.
  • 0:08:56 We kick off the discussion of the 3 first issues of Wonder Woman. Is Nicole a fan? Which characters are wet blankets?

  • 0:13:24 The controversial origin change is brought up
  • 0:15:26 How much of a feminist icon is Wonder Woman now, and how important is her origin to feminism? Also how DO you pronounce Hippolyta?
  • 0:21:41 The potential stories told with the Greek gods, and how sketchy Zeus really is.
  • 0:25:54 What is the deal with the name Wonder Woman? And we discuss Wonder Woman’s other big appearance this week in Justice League #3, and compare boobs.

  • 0:31:10 Across the street at Marvel, how are the women doing?
  • 0:37:08 Matt tells Nicole about Wonder Woman’s origin! Kinky!
  • 0:40:37 Who is Paul Lynde Superhero’s supporting cast?
  • 0:42:36 How do we get women and girls reading comics? And also, men? Boys? Guys? What’s the term?
  • 0:49:03 We discuss Batwoman and Batgirl and how they stack up against Wonder Woman.
  • 0:53:10 Fashion!
  • 0:55:19 Nicole’s got a bone to pick with Joss Whedon after reading the first page of Buffy Season 9.

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Airdate 6 December 2011
Duration 1:02:04
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