The Complete Series

August 2014

Kevin Hines, Nate Kushner, and Lacroix Scott recap the movie.

July 2014

Featuring Ryan Browne, Jason Latour, Paul Azaceta, and Paul Maybury

Featuring Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Bryan JL Glass, and Justin Jordan

June 2014

Mitch Gerads, Jake Wyatt, Joe Quinones, Jordan Boyd, Dean Trippe, Kevin Wada, Matt Wilson, and Maris Wicks!

Brett hits the show floor at the newest comics-only comic con.

It's our first talk episode in a while, and there's a lot we talk about.

The story that inspired the summer blockbuster inspires us to break down bad guy garments.

May 2014

Sebastian Deken, Jon Gutierrez, Katey Healy-Wurzburg, and Meghan O'Keefe join us to discuss the movie.

Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ polarizing, controversial ode to H.P. Lovecraft is discussed.

We dive into ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW!

Kevin Hines, Katey Healy-Wurzburg, and suprise guest Mike Lawrence talk about the latest Spider-Man film.

April 2014

Silver Age Comics, X-Men improv comedy, and more with The Human Fish

Brett and Producer Ben push the boundaries of their TMNT fandom.

Matt and Brett get up early to talk about a wide variety of topics.

Chikara wrestling guru talks about Marvel's breakout star.

Spoiler Alert: it's a good movie.

March 2014

He doesn't have enough bags to carry all the names he is dropping!

The Brain Eaters talk about magic and dinosaurs.

Is vulnerability really a hero's greatest strength?

An audio track for the X-Men fan movie.

The host of Nat Towsen's Downtown Variety Hour talks about reboots, NYC history, and controversey at ComicsPRO.

Alex of Comic Book Club introduces Brett to The Flash.

February 2014

T.J. Dietsch talks to Matt and Brett about toys, Toy Fair, and a little bit about ToyFare.

Snowed in! So we read a story about a snowstorm.

We celebrate 100 episodes of the podcast by talking about 100th issues with Kevin Hines.

Continuing talk of comedy-in-comics with a UCB sketch writer.

January 2014

Comedy in comic books, Dark Knight problems, giving notes on Saturday Night Live sketches, and the debut of The Letters Column!

The crew from the Star Wars Minute podcast drop out of hyperspace to discuss some truly classic Star Wars comics with Matt and Brett.

Matt and Brett ring in the new year!

December 2013

Exploring the theme of putting a hit on Santa.

A secret crossover with Left Handed Radio!

November 2013

Two big Bucky fans read the first arc of his 2012 series.

Chicago facts, hip hop movies, Christmas comics, Spider-Man, and TGIF intros!

The Fuzzy Typewriter host talks about the first appearance of Malekith.

Former ToyFare editor talks about his time at Wizard magazine.

October 2013

Matt and Brett each choose an issue to talk about, in both senses of the word.

NYCC debriefing and an interview with a documentary filmmaker.

Comic book creator interviews galore!

Also: Arrow, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, and The Real World.

September 2013

Kevin Hines & Timmy Wood discuss Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Comic Book Club co-host and the Marvel swimsuit issue, sibling rivalries, and the career of James Robinson.

Matt tends to the podcast while Brett is busy movin' on up!

Nicole is back and we read a hard-to-find mini-series about time travel, paradoxes, and confusion.

Summer is over. How was it for you? What's coming up next?

August 2013

The Hot 97 DJ and comedian talks about hip hop, improv, and making your own rules.

Mark is on a quest to own every single issue of Amazing Spider-Man. And he's almost completed it.

Matt & Brett attempt to deal with the issues that Millar & Romita Jr. sorta gloss over.

Nicole Drespel returns to the podcast to discuss getting back into comics after letting the books pile up.

July 2013

Jeff returns with his pal Pat to talk about the book that inspired the film, The Wolverine.

Ben debriefs Brett after his first ever (believe it or not) trip to San Diego Comic Con (International?)

Pat Loika of Loikamania talks about the crossover that has everything.

The Oral History of Wizard continues with writer Steve Sunu. And Matt meets someone who may or may not be a bad person.

Talking to Matt Wilson, Eric Powell, Ming Doyle, Dean Trippe, Laura Martin, Jason Aaron, and Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser.

June 2013

Artists Francesco Francavilla, Phil Noto, Dave Johnson, and Joe Quinones discuss their work.

A conversation at the M&BLC hotel room at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.

Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, Rico Renzi talk about their private detective comic, Stumptown.

An X-Men fan and a Star Trek fan read a set of crossover comics.

May 2013

What can Star Trek fans learn from the years of continuity abuse that comic book readers have suffered?

The Spider-Man musical, theatre nerds vs. comic book nerds, and the Moore & Gibbons story that came before Watchmen.

Tumblr pros talk about online fandom, Star Trek, and more!

The Jump Street Paradigm (but without being condescending)

April 2013

Brett goes to Portland to continue the oral history of Wizard Magazine.

Reading the source material for the upcoming blockbuster, Iron Man 3.

If you could bring back a dead, missing, or misused character, who would it be?

Brett finally reads the book that's continually thrown in his face.

Comic book cartoon shows of '90s and also a lot more singing than usual for this show.

March 2013

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING's Fallen Angel talks about Thor.

A delightful blend of ToyFare and Star Wars talk.

Discussing one of the most beloved story arcs in all of comicdom; also, one punch.

A Marvel Comics editor talks about his favorite creators, and more.

February 2013

Our first listener suggestion!

Matt catches up on what he missed during last week's crossover episode.

Part two of the CRISIS ON INFINITE PODCASTS crossover!

Appreciating the artwork from an original box of Marvel OverPower cards from 1995.

January 2013

Will shares his love of Love & Rockets with John, Matt, and Brett.

Aaron Burdette talks about Sonic the Hedgehog and his eponymous Archie comic book series.

Anna Rubanova discusses why cops aren’t big fans of Batman, and disavows allegations that she is a Soviet spy.

Jon Gutierrez talks about his time at ToyFare and Wizard magazine.

December 2012

Brett forces Matt, Nicole, and producer Ben to reflect on a year of shows.

Brett, Nicole, and Matt (Fisher) discuss the classic teen-mutants-with-problems premise.

Spoiler Alert! Kevin Hines is back with spoilers for just about everything.

November 2012

Matt and Brett guide "America Won't Shut Up" co-host Jason Flowers through the comic book wilderness.

Paul Montgomery of iFanboy and Fuzzy Typewriter talks about his love of comics.

Things get downright horrific when the gang discusses the Image Comics mini-series Severed.

Matt and Brett converse from two different boroughs in this episode, in the aftermath of hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy.

October 2012

Smoking, sexing, and violencing!

Matt and Brett go to NYCC and talk to, like, a million people.

Wizard, Woody Allen, and Mr. Rogers

The foursome tear into the most intense read the podcast has ever seen.

25 writers. 1 hero. Explosions. Action. And sex. A LOT of sex.

September 2012

Is Brett the Gloria Steinem of Comics? Or the Mitt Romney of Comics?

Deadpool and Spiders and Steel, oh my!

Panera Bread did not sponsor this episode.

The reality of reality shows, animal personalities, and more.

August 2012

The Real World, Rob Liefeld, Phil Donahue, and Brett's new column.

Kelly Sue talks about living in a place of gratitude.

25 writers. 1 hero. Explosions. Action. And sex. A LOT of sex.

Stories of childhood alienation and eyeball parts.

July 2012

Nicole stops by the group discuss numbering.

Talking to Kelly Sue about Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, writing, acting, and improv.

Four Radioactive Spider Bites and a Funeral

It's so hot outside! Remember when summer was cooler?

Can he really do whatever a spider can?

June 2012

The gang explores the question: why aren't more comics set in the 1970s?

Learn how mysterious headaches led a young Ryan Stegman to fulfill his destiny as a comic book artist.

WARNING: This story makes Brett cuss a lot more than usual.

Did you know Brett used to buy comic books from an antique store?

May 2012

Learn about all the media properties that have made Brett cry.

They ask you to read The Goon, then ask themselves: what is the purpose of a review?

The interview continues! And concludes!

Is there a vortex drawing talent toward the Pacific Northwest?

The panel gets super-organized, and comes prepared with an outline.

Live (sorta) from the red carpet!

Next week’s pick and a special announcement.

April 2012

Did Matt, Brett, Nicole, and Dru Johnston discuss a comic book? Or was it all a dream?

Matt talks about next week's pick: Quantum & Woody.

Matt, Brett, and guest Rebecca talk about Sandman, Mickey Mouse, and Paul Lynde.

Brett introduces his pick, and challenges you to leave comments on the site.

March 2012

Matt, Brett, and guest Halle Kiefer map The Incredible Hulk onto Jersey Shore. Also: HULK SEX!

Matt introduces his pick, full of really dark psychology. Also: the grossest Hulk transformation ever.

Matt, Brett, and guest Jeff Rubin talk about Assault on Graymalkin.

Brett introduces the inaugural pick for the show’s new book club format.

December 2011

Matt, Brett, and guest Nicole Drespel talk about Wonder Woman and, strangely enough, Paul Lynde.

November 2011

Welcome to the show!