Episode #86 Mary Iampietro / Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1-5 (2007-2008)

With Arrow returning to the small screen this week, Matt and Brett decided to read one of the hooded vigilante’s recent comic book exploits: Green Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Album by Judd Winick, Cliff Chiang, Amanda Conner, and Andre Coelho. Joining them is comedy writer Mary Iampietro. Mary drops some serious knowledge about comic book painters Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, and the trio all talk way too much about The Real World.

You can listen to Mary Iampietro on the video game podcast Unlimited Lives, which airs on the UCB’s SiriusXM channel. You can also see her sketch team Alamo perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

Get your own copy of Green Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Album on Comixology or from Amazon.

Music: “Sleeping in the Beetle Bug” by Of Montreal

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Airdate 7 October 2013
Duration 1:12:48
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