Episode #63 Jim Gibbons & Josh Wigler / These Old Wizard People

Bi-coastal mayhem explodes this week as Brett is dispatched to Portland. He’s there to start the west coast branch of Matt & Brett Love Comics! with Dark Horse editor Jim Gibbons and former MTV Editor Josh Wigler. The three of them continue the oral history of Wizard, impostor syndrome, life after living the dream, and liquid lunches.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn…

Matt sits in his apartment, waiting, planning, plotting… and introducing next week’s book and guest: Saga #1-6 and comedian DC Pierson, respectively.

Jim Gibbons is an editor for Dark Horse Comics. You can catch him on Twitter at @enemyofpeanuts or in the credits pages of some of Dark Horse’s best books.

Josh Wigler is a comics journalist from Brooklyn. Enjoy his musings on Twitter at @roundhoward and at many fine online comics journalism establishmentationisms.

Music: “Dream of the 90s” by Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen

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Airdate 29 April 2013
Duration 44:02
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