Episode #60 Justin Aclin / Superman: Secret Identity #1-4 (2004)

Comic book writer Justin Aclin returns to the podcast and brings with him his favorite comic book of all time: Superman: Secret Identity by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen. Come along as Matt and Brett are introduced to the other Clark Kent in this modern day classic from DC Comics (which has also just been released in a new collection).

Pick up a copy of Superman: Secret Identity from Comixology or Amazon.

Justin Aclin is the author of Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Defenders of the Lost Temple and Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Smuggler’s Code. You can follow him on Twitter as @JustinAclin.

Justin previously appeared on Episode #57 “The Freeze Frame Animal House Ending to the Wizard Story”

Music: “This Disorder” by The Features

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Airdate 8 April 2013
Duration 54:21
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