Episode #39 Timmy Wood / Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter (2009)

Timmy Wood (writer for iFanboy) returns and brings with him a comic not fit for young audiences! Smoking, sexing, and violencing; writer/artist Darwyn Cooke crams it all into this adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Hunter.

You can get The Hunter digitally on Comixology, or you can get the very, very handsome physical copy on Amazon.

Timmy Wood is a comedian in New York City as well as a writer for the website iFanboy. For his work on iFanboy, check out Comic Book Job Evaluations and iFlashback. You can follow Timmy on Twitter at @TimmyWood.

Music: “The French Song” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

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Airdate 29 October 2012
Duration 1:01:49
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