Episode #47 Down the Wizard Hole

Hello, 2013! Matt and Brett return with guest Jon Gutierrez, a great comedy writer based in New York City. He has performed on house improv teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, as well as written for UCB sketch and video sketch teams.

Most notably, Jon worked for the beloved, historic and hilarious ToyFare magazine as the price guide editor, and wrote for the strip Twisted ToyFare Theatre. Learn the origins of Mego Spidey and ToyFare magazine, the inner workings of the price guide, as well as tales from the Wizard compound. From the early days of Wizard to the bitter end, this episode brings the stories.

We also introduce our next book club pick: Gotham Central #6-10 by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. It’s available digitally on Comixology and is an essential read.

You can catch Jon’s current writing and voice acting in the web series “Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!” and see him perform live every Friday with Sister Sex Wolf at the Queen’s Secret Improv Club.

Music: “The Witch” by The Walkmen

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Airdate 7 January 2013
Duration 1:14:32
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