Episode #48 Anna Rubanova / Gotham Central #6-10 (2003)

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Matt, Brett, and Nicole talk to guest Anna Rubanova about Gotham Central #6-10 and the complicated relationship Batman has with the Gotham police. The gang also discusses the origin of the name “Left Handed Radio”; childhood cartoon crushes on Chip (of the Rescue Rangers), Montery Jack, Daria, and shirtless Batman as voiced by Kevin Conroy; how Brett’s “type” has never changed; the many backgrounds of Catwoman; the homosexual gender divide of the Marvel and DC Universes; and using foreign languages to express emotion. ¡Qué emocionante!

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You can download your own copy of Gotham Central #6-10 from the Comixology online store.

Anna is a writer for video sketch team The Punch and is also one of the minds behind the sketch comedy podcast Left Handed Radio. You can see Anna’s work on her website, annarubanova.com, or follow her on Twitter @TheActualAnna.

Music: “Baby Get Worse” by Divine Fits

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Airdate 14 January 2013
Duration 1:16:10
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