Episode #21 Ryan Stegman / The Death-Ray (2004)

The show makes its first foray into independent territory, courtesy of Ryan Stegman’s fateful pick. During the trio’s discussion about “The Death-Ray” by Daniel Clowes, they realize that smoking is really awesome (it gives you powers!), the ‘70s were pretty much forgetful, and Brett went through a wicked Everclear phase. Plus, lengthy discussions on the parallels of comedy and comic books, Twitter and careers. This episode is free-wheelin’!

You can purchase “The Death-Ray” from Amazon.com.

Ryan Stegman is a comic book artist best known for his work on Scarlet Spider and She-Hulks. His work will be featured next on Fantastic Four, alongside writer Jonathan Hickman. You can follow him on Twitter @RyanStegman and Tumblr ryanstegman.tumblr.com.

Music: “Second Chance” by Peter Bjorn and John

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Airdate 27 June 2012
Duration 1:02:16
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