Episode #82 Nicole Drespel / Time Breakers #1-5 (1997)

Nicole makes a triumphant return as we read her pick: Time Breakers #1-5 by Rachel Pollack and Chris Weston. Originally published by DC Comics' long-defunct Helix imprint, this probably-wasn’t-intended-to-be-but-ended-up-being-a mini-series is all about time travel and paradox, so get ready to be sufficiently confused! You’ll also learn the downside of being a jewel thief, and hear Matt clarify things!

As Time Breakers is rather difficult to find, here are a few scans to give you an idea of the comic. You can find copies on Amazon and My Comic Shop.

Be sure to check out Dibs, the web series that Nicole directed since she last appeared on the show.

Music: “Making Time” by the Creation

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Airdate 9 September 2013
Duration 54:43
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