Episode #68 Benjamin Ragheb / Star Trek X-Men Comics

We’re going to HeroesCon! If you’re going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend, come find us and say hello! Your beloved hosts will be moderating some panels and wandering around the con all weekend.

This week Brett (X-Men devotee) and Ben (self-described Trekkie) join forces to read two of the strangest crossover stories in comic book history: Star Trek/X-Men #1 (1996) by Scott Lobdell (with art provided by pretty much everyone that ever worked at Top Cow) and Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact #1 (1998) by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Cary Nord.

Spoiler: these books are actually pretty good, crazy as they may be. Topics discussed include: the Top Cow hip hop crew; are the X-Men helping out Star Trek, or vice versa?; Gary Mitchell and other villain names; the relative sizes of things in outer space; the late ‘90s multimedia craze; and how to induce sentimentality with judicious use of time travel and alternate realities.

Where’s Matt? Well, due to technical difficulties (which also made this episode late) we had to re-record this one, and schedules did not work out. But we were able to salvage some audio from the first session, so his comments are here too.

These issues are out of print, so enjoy looking at some of these excerpts as you listen.

Star Trek/X-Men #1

Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact #1

You can also watch/read (most) of the first comic on YouTube.

And, as always, you can click the comic book covers to purchase these issues on MyComicShop.com.

See you at HeroesCon!

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Airdate 5 June 2013
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