Episode #8 Rebecca Eisenberg / Sandman v2 #14 (1990)

This episode brings to light that either Matt or Brett may be a deranged murderer. Don’t worry, they manage to hold back any blood lust just long enough to talk about the truly harrowing experience that is Sandman #14.

They’re joined by Rebecca Eisenberg, curator of the Tumblr phenomenon I Spy a Famous Face. She gives some handy advice on how to increase both your Twitter and Tumblr follower count. All this, plus a brief history of Mickey Mouse and the return of Paul Lynde and Fred Schneider.

For more of Rebecca, check out I Spy a Famous Face and follow her on Twitter @ryeisenberg.

If electronic formats are your thing, this week’s book is also available on Kindle and on comiXology.

Music: “Titanic Vandalism” by the Go! Team

Still life photograph of a microphone and an open comic book.

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Airdate 11 April 2012
Duration 53:24
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