Episode #112 Ben Ragheb / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #5-8 (1989-1990)

Producer Ben fills in for Matt this week as the podcast heads both underground and into an intergalactic wrestling circuit. Brett and Ben’s childhood — and adulthood — Turtle fandom shines through in this dissection of the comics based on and inspired by the 1987 cartoon series. Would these comics have given Brett and Ben’s kid selves their desperately needed Turtle Fix?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures #5-8 was written by Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain, with art by Ken Mitchroney and Jim Lawson. You can purchase the comics on Comixology or from Amazon as a nicely bound trade paperback or a digital download for your Kindle.

Be sure to check out Raise Some Shell by Richard Rosenbaum (also on the iBooks Store), Tubin’ from the Coming Out Of Their Shells album, and if you can find a decent copy of the Turtles’ appearance on Oprah, let us know. It looks like Brett might have the only copy!

Music: “Turtle Power” by Partners In Kryme

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Airdate 22 April 2014
Duration 1:14:06
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