Episode #6 Halle Kiefer / Incredible Hulk v2 #370-373,376-377 (1990-1991)

We know the entire Internet has already mapped the cast of Peter David’s classic Incredible Hulk run onto the cast of Jersey Shore, but we figured we’d throw our two cents in. We read a pivotal stretch of Hulk issues with comedian Halle Kiefer and could not stop talking about Hulk sex. Seriously, are Betty Banner and Marlo okay?

Bike shorts, a ton of nun action, Dr. Geraldo Strange, this episode has it all. And spoiler alert: Gray Hulk is definitely The Situation.

For more of Halle, check out her work on VH1’s The FABLife and her “Jersey Shore” recaps for Rolling Stone. And follow her on Twitter @HalleKiefer.

Music: “B is For Brutus” by The Hives

Still life photograph of a microphone, two Hulks fighting, and a slice of pizza.

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Airdate 28 March 2012
Duration 47:47
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