Episode #106 Glenn Boozan, Mark Ginocchio, Kevin Hines / The Amazing Spider-Panel

Matt and Brett are joined by two Spider-Man aficionados — Kevin Hines (UCB) and Mark Ginocchio (Chasing Amazing) — to discuss a question that comedian Glenn Boozan has about the nature of heroism: is vulnerability really a hero’s greatest strength? This Amazing Spider-Panel dives deep into some of Spider-Man’s biggest themes in order to answer that multi-layered query.

Glenn Boozan is a comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Her show, This Is Going To Hurt is running right now! Kevin Hines can be seen weekly with his improv team The Curfew. He also appeared on our 100th episode. Mark Ginocchio is a comic book journalist who writes “Gimmick or Good” for CBR. You can follow his quest to own every issue of Amazing Spider-Man at Chasing Amazing, and listen to his podcast, Superior Spider-Talk.

Next week on the show, we will be reading Rat Queens #1-5 from Image Comics by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. You can purchase the series digitally on Comixology.

Music: “Crime” by Real Estate

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Airdate 17 March 2014
Duration 1:07:37
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