Episode #25 Kelly Sue DeConnick / Some Kind of Cosmic Coffeeshop

Matt and Brett are joined by the absolutely awesome Kelly Sue DeConnick. Kelly Sue joined us on the day that the first issue of Captain Marvel, her new ongoing title from Marvel Comics, was released. In addition to some Captain Marvel talk, we discuss Kelly Sue’s upcoming collaboration with artist Emma Rios on the series Pretty Deadly for Image Comics, as well as Kelly Sue’s history with writing, acting and improv comedy.

We also discuss the Kelly Sue’s pick for our next episode, Planetary #1-6 by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. Get a copy of those issues on Comixology or on Amazon, because if you haven’t read Planetary then you are missing out!

Keep up with Kelly Sue DeConnick at kellysue.com and follow @kellysue on Twitter.

Music: “Zero” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Still life photograph of a microphone, Captain Marvel comic, and a MacBook.

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Airdate 23 July 2012
Duration 52:33
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