Episode #50 John Frusciante & Will Hines / Love & Rockets #20 (1987)

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John Frusciante and Will Hines, hosts of The Upright Citizens Brigade Long-Form Conversations podcast, drop by to discuss issue #20 of the legendary indie comic, Love & Rockets. This is a new read for John, Matt, and Brett, so hear them learn all about the world of Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez from Will, who bought and read the series as it was changing the game in the ‘80s.

You can pick up Love & Rockets #20 on Amazon or My Comic Shop. The stories in this issue have been collected in two trades: The Girl From H.O.P.P.E.R.S. and Heartbreak Soup. (Both also available on Comixology.)

Will Hines performs weekly with The Stepfathers at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea. You can follow him on Twitter @willhines. John Frusciante performs weekly with the team Airwolf at the UCB Theatre East. You can follow him on Twitter @JohnJFrusciante. John and Will host The UCB Long-Form Conversations podcast.

Music: “Bottle Rocket” by The Go! Team

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Airdate 28 January 2013
Duration 1:03:08
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