Episode #117 Movie Recap: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Matt, Brett, and the movie crew are back again, except this time they’re more united in their praise for a film than ever before! One could say they’re X2: X-Men United?

Get ready for spoilers because there’s a LOT to spoil — and a lot to get excited about — in this new film. How did Brett keep from telling everyone about it after seeing it two weeks ago at a press screening? Find out!

You can hear Sebastian Deken in our Amazing Spider-Man movie episode; Jon Gutierrez on our Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie episode; Katey Healy-Wurzburg on our Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie episode; and Meghan O’Keefe appeared on “My Neighborhood on Tumblr”.

Tell use what you think about this movie! There’s a lot to discuss. If you’re interested in reading the source material, you can find Days of Future Past on Amazon.

Music: “The Future - Main Titles” by John Ottman, Jeffrey Schindler, American Federation of Musicians & Jasper Randall Choir

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Airdate 27 May 2014
Duration 33:29
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