Episode #65 Rebecca Eisenberg & Meghan O'Keefe / My Neighborhood on Tumblr

Matt and Brett discuss The Internet with two Internet-experts, Rebecca Eisenberg (Upworthy) and Meghan O'Keefe (VH1). Come along with us as these two guide Matt and Brett through Tumblr’s underbelly, fan and slash fiction, who is which ninja turtle, speculation about Star Trek Into Darkness, and the wide world of online fandom.

Rebecca’s work can be found on Upworthy as well as the Tumblr site I Spy A Famous Face. She is ryeisenberg on Tumblr and @ryeisenberg on Twitter.

Meghan blogs for VH1 and is also the mastermind behind My Mom Watches Game of Thrones. She is megsokay on Tumblr and @megsokay on Twitter.

Next week’s book club pick, from Superman Annual #11 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is the classic story “For the Man Who Has Everything…” You can find the issue in the DC Universe by Alan Moore collection on Amazon, or you can find the single issue on Comixology.

Music: “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

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Airdate 13 May 2013
Duration 1:14:24
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