Episode #58 Christopher Daniels / Thor: God of Thunder #1-5 (2013)

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, from Spike’s TNA IMPACT WRESTLING, joins Matt and Brett to discuss the most epic comic book of 2013: Thor: God of Thunder #1-5! It’s young mead-swilling Thor, old king Thor, and Avenger Thor all squaring off against Gorr the God Butcher in one heavy, time-twisting tale.

We’re super psyched to have a huge comic book fan like Christopher Daniels on the show. He’s known for rocking all sorts of Marvel Comics T-shirts on television and he definitely knows his X-Men inside and out.

Christopher Daniels can be seen on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike. You can get your daily dose of the Fallen Angel on Twitter at @facdaniels!

Thor: God Of Thunder #1-5 is available now as digital download on Comixology or in June as a collected edition on Amazon.

Music: “Unto Caesar” by the Dirty Projectors

Photo of a microphone and some Thor comic books on a table.

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Airdate 25 March 2013
Duration 1:02:34
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