Episode #111 Eight In The Morning Drinking Bottles Of Wine

Spring has arrived! Matt and Brett got up super early to record this one — so early, Brett’s eating cereal! The dudes talk about Flash Gordon, The WDVE Morning Show, the role of editors, Andrew Wildman’s tenure on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Peter David’s Incredible Hulk, Marvel Unlimited, John Romita Jr. on Superman, action figures, and much, much more, all before their morning coffee! Or at least Matt’s morning coffee. Brett doesn’t drink coffee.

For further listening, why not check out our Captain America: The Winter Soldier reaction/discussion episode, our episode reading Falcon with Mike Quackenbush, or when we read Winter Soldier #1-5 with Kris Anka and Dafna Pleban.

Music: “Ignition (1901 Remix)” by The Hood Internet, with R. Kelly and Phoenix

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Airdate 14 April 2014
Duration 1:04:47
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