Episode #36 Jeremy Bent and Frank Hejl / Locke & Key #1-6 (2008)

In a shocking twist, the guests introduce a comic book to Matt and Brett. Whoah! Things get downright creepy as the foursome tear into the first Locke & Key mini-series by IDW Publishing. The use of the word “tear” was intentional, because Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have crafted a suspenseful horror story that is possibly the most intense read this podcast has seen.

You can read the first mini-series, “Welcome to Lovecraft”, on Comixology or from Amazon.

Jeremy Bent can be seen on the improv team Thank You, Robot and in the web-series Quest For An Unknown Planet. Frank Hejl writes and performs with the sketch team Onassis. They are both members of Bucky, an improv team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Music: “Everlasting Light” by the Black Keys

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Airdate 8 October 2012
Duration 1:22:48
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