Episode #29 Kelly Sue DeConnick and Nicole Drespel / Planetary #1-6 (1999)

Step inside The Cone of Truth, where Matt and Brett have been joined by Nicole and the always awesome Kelly Sue DeConnick. Things get truthy about all of Kelly Sue’s current and upcoming projects, including the just-released Captain Marvel #2, the just-announced Avengers Assemble, and the just-Tumblr’d Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar.

This week we discuss Kelly Sue’s pick, Planetary, and try to wrap our brains the mad, mad genius that is Warren Ellis.

Also, a shout out to Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, WA.

You can find Planetary #1-6 by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday on Comixology or Amazon.

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work can be seen monthly in Captain Marvel and other fine comics. You can follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

Music: “Intergalactic” by The Beastie Boys

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Airdate 20 August 2012
Duration 1:14:42
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