Episode #61 Kevin Hines & Timmy Wood / Rebooting “Somebody Drinking Tea”

Friends of the podcast Kevin Hines and Timmy Wood return to partake in a rousing discussion: everyone has come semi-prepared with their list of 3 Marvel or DC characters that they feel are due for a comeback, either because they are dead, not being used, or being “misused” right now. Prepare for some shocking picks!

Kevin Hines is an improviser at the UCB Theatre in New York City. He previously appeared in #44 Money Can’t Buy the Death of a Species and #14 Monkeys Make Everything Better. You can see Kevin perform weekly with The Curfew and The Brothers Hines. You can follow him on Twitter @kevhines and read his comic thoughts on his Tumblr, “Talking Comics with Kevin Hines”.

Timmy Wood is an improviser in New York City and also writes for the website iFanboy. He previously appeared in #37 Joss Whedon is a Bad Person and #39 Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter. You can follow him on Twitter @TimmyWood.

Next week we will be reading Iron Man volume 4 #1-6, “Extremis”, by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. This storyline supposedly forms the backbone of Iron Man 3, so prepare for the blockbuster with this book club episode! As always, you can download on Comixology or order on Amazon.com.

Music: “Like Ice Cream” by Divine Fits

Matt Drinking Tea

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Airdate 15 April 2013
Duration 1:22:44
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