Episode #14 Chris Roberson and Kevin Hines / Monkeys Make Everything Better

Matt and Brett are joined by comedian Kevin Hines and their very first industry guest, writer Chris Roberson! Chris is the brilliant writer of the soon-to-be-concluded Vertigo book iZombie and the IDW original series Memorial. In part one the guys discuss the finer side of life in Oregon, taco hunting, where ideas come from, and writing vs. math. Chris also reminds us that if you try to play poker with Bill Willingham, you’re gonna lose. Look for part two later this week.

Kevin Hines performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York every Saturday evening at 7:30pm with The Curfew. He also teaches improv at UCB, and bleeds his thoughts onto the Internet at kevhines.com.

Chris Roberson is the writer of iZombie, published by Vertigo/DC Comics, and Memorial, published by IDW.

Music: “Calling All Destroyers” by Tsar

Brett's moustache. Photo of Brett’s Mysterious Moustache by Curtis Retherford

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Airdate 14 May 2012
Duration 34:42
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