Episode #44 Money Can’t Buy the Death of a Species

The return of Kevin Hines! With two Spider-Man mega-fans in one place (Matt and Kevin; Brett is a Spider-Man regular-fan), we had to discuss the radical events of Amazing Spider-Man #698! So, spoilers for that if you haven’t read it. Also spoilers for pretty much every TV show, movie and comic from the last decade. You have been warned. Also discussed: super-heroines as real world politicians, what makes a meaningful comic book death, and Friends (NBC).

You can see Kevin perform improv comedy with The Curfew and the Brothers Hines at the UCB Theatres in New York City. You can also follow him on Twitter @kevhines and his comic book thoughts on Tumblr.

Our next book club selection is Generation X #1-4 (1994) by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo. The trade paperback collecting these issues, including the team’s origin story, can be purchased on Amazon. The single issues can also be bought for cheap on My Comic Shop.

Music: “A Christmas Duel” by The Hives & Cyndi Lauper

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Airdate 3 December 2012
Duration 1:19:26
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