Episode #24 Katey Healy-Wurzburg and Curtis Retherford / Spider-Man Origins (1962-2011)

With a retelling of Spider-Man’s origin currently hanging around in theaters, the M&BLC crew decided to read four previous iterations of the web-slingin' wall-crawler’s origin. The tomes discussed are:

How does the Silver Age debut of Spider-Man hold up 50 years after its release? Did anything about John Byrne’s 1998 reboot work? And does Oscorp’s HR packet include an overview of Greek mythology? Find out in this episode!

Katey Healy-Wurzburg hosts a monthly show at the Upright Citizens Brigade East Village Theatre called The Fascinator. You can follow her on Twitter at @khealywu.

Curtis Retherford writes on his website, curtisretherford.com. Check out his upcoming web series, Quest for an Unknown Planet.

Music: “It’s Real” by Real Estate

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Airdate 16 July 2012
Duration 1:32:14
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