Episode #92 Matt D. Wilson / For Juggalos, By Juggalos

Matt and Brett are joined by fellow podcaster and comic book journalist extraordinaire: Matt Wilson of Comics Alliance and War Rocket Ajax fame! Join this trio as they talk about Chicago facts, hip hop movies, Christmas comics, Spider-Man, and TGIF intros!

Check out Matt Wilson’s work on Comics Alliance and listen to him on the podcasts War Rocket Ajax and Movie Fighters. You can also follow him on Twitter @highmindedmw and read the two books he’s written: The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem and The Supervillain Field Manual: How to Conquer (Super) Friends and Incinerate People.

Next week we will be reading Winter Soldier #1-5 by Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice and Bettie Breitweiser, available on Amazon or Comixology.

Music: “Y.A.L.A.” by M.I.A.

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Airdate 18 November 2013
Duration 1:06:57
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