Episode #74 Pat Loika / X-Cutioner’s Song (1992)

Comic book fan and all around good guy Pat Loika joins Matt and Brett to discuss a storyline that is near and dear to all of their hearts: X-Cutioner’s Song. Stryfe, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, the canon fodder of the Mutant Liberation Front, and the Dark Riders — this crossover has everything. This podcast also has everything, including Brett’s extremely long-winded explanation as to why X-Factor #84 is one of the most perfect comics of all time.

You can follow the many adventures of Pat Loika on his great podcast, Loikamania, where Matt and Brett will also appear in just a few weeks to discuss the X-Men even more. You can also follow @patloika on Twitter.

Purchase the chapters or collected editions of X-Cutioner’s Song on Comixology, My Comic Shop, and Amazon.

Music: “Execution Day” by the New Pornographers

Desk with microphone and copy of X-Cutioner's Song

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Airdate 15 July 2013
Duration 1:04:36
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