Episode #15 Chris Roberson and Kevin Hines / iZombie

It’s part 2 of Matt and Brett and Kevin Hines’s chat with Chris Roberson! We dig in to the origins of iZombie, the one paragraph pitch, what this book had to do with I, Vampire, what Spot’s coming out meant to Brett, asking Mike Allred to do that awesome thing again, and what we all thought of the book (spoiler: it’s pretty great).

Chris also takes time to discuss his stance on creator’s rights, why he’s okay walking away from DC, and teases us with announcements for his next projects.

Kevin Hines performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York every Saturday evening at 7:30pm with The Curfew. He also teaches improv at UCB, and bleeds his thoughts onto the Internet at kevhines.com.

Chris Roberson is the writer of iZombie, published by Vertigo/DC Comics, and Memorial, published by IDW. He’s also the author of the novel “Further: Beyond the Threshold” available May 22.

Music: “Bang Pop” by Free Energy

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Airdate 18 May 2012
Duration 50:25
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