Episode #40 We All Seem To Come Together Pretty Well

Matt and Brett converse from two different boroughs in this episode, in the aftermath of hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy. Both Matt and Brett share their experiences living in New York City in this trying time, and also discuss some of the bigger comic book related news items of the week: Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men franchise, and where they fall in the wider spectrum of concern.

They also introduce the next book club pick: Severed #1-7 from Image Comics, by Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki. You can pick it up digitally on Comixology and a lovely hardcover can be ordered from Amazon.com.

For listeners who want to help, Alex Zalben wrote a handy guide to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts for MTV Geek. Please help out in any way you can.

Music: “A Bite Out of My Bed” by the New Pornographers

This episode was recorded on Thursday, November 1. Sorry everybody for posting it late, my apartment is still without Internet access! – Ben

Matt and Brett are wearing the same T-shirt.

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Airdate 6 November 2012
Duration 52:06
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