Episode #19 Zhubin Parang and Nicole Drespel / X-Force v2 #1-6 (2004-2005)

The show takes a detour from positivity to discuss what can only be referred to as the Birdemic of comic books! Time travel, future ninjas, inexplicable fighting, poor spatial relations, Pottery Barn, what doesn’t this mini-series have? A reason for existing. It doesn’t have a reason for existing. Listen and find out if this mini is so bad it’s… nah, it’s just so bad.

But no body-shaming, y'all!

This mini-series can be purchased in the trade paperback X-Force: The Legend Returns.

As a point of reference, you can read about Birdemic on Wikipedia.

Zhubin Parang is a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He can also be seen performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with the sketch team Charlemagne and improvising in the show What I Did For Love.

Music: “Take Back the Toys” by The Hives

Still life photograph of a microphone and the X-Force action figures.

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Airdate 13 June 2012
Duration 1:18:53
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