Episode #84 Justin Tyler / Starman v2 #0-5, 11

Comic Book Club co-host Justin Tyler returns and brings with him one of the legit best comics we’ve ever read on the show: Starman #0-5 (and also #11 because it’s Justin’s fave) by James Robinson, Tony Harris, and Matt Smith. While discussing this offbeat legacy hero, the trio touches on the Marvel swimsuit issue, sibling rivalries, and the interesting career of James Robinson.

Justin Tyler is one of the hosts of Comic Book Club Live, which you can listen to on the Nerdist Network or watch live every Tuesday at 7pm at Fontana’s in New York City. Justin previously appeared on episode #52, Mutant Genesis.

You can purchase these issues of Starman on Amazon or Comixology.

Music: “Bitter Rivals” by Sleigh Bells

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Airdate 23 September 2013
Duration 1:08:02
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