Episode #53 The Chill Out Episode

Matt and Brett relax in our quiet, post-crossover, chill out episode. Matt gives some of his thoughts, memories and impressions on last week’s topic, X-Men: Mutant Genesis. For more on the X-Tinction Agenda, briefly touched upon in this episode, you can buy that X-Men classic on Amazon or Comixology. And here’s that hot picture of Cyclops that made an impression on young Brett.

Drawing of Cable and a bare-chested Cyclops

Next week we’ll be reading our first listener pick, Savage Dragon #1-3 and #0. #1-3 are collected on Comixology, and #0 is free. They can also be found for cheap on My Comic Shop.com.

Music: “Leader of the Pack” by Sleigh Bells

X-Tinction Agenda on a bookshelf

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Airdate 18 February 2013
Duration 30:59
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