Episode #4 Jeff Rubin / X-Force #19-25: Assault on Graymalkin (1993)

Ponytails. Space stations. Time Displacement Cores. Attack formations. Bye bye Rob Liefeld, hello Greg Capullo! Writer Fabian Nicieza takes hold of the pouch-covered reigns of X-Force, and Matt, Brett, and guest Jeff Rubin tackle the in-your-face mutant mayhem that is… “Assault on Graymalkin.”

We’re tackling the big questions! Does “Cheers” take place in the Marvel Universe? How does X-Force relate to “Friday Night Lights”? Just how bad is G.W. Bridge at his job? The answers are kinda-sorta contained within this episode!

For more of Jeff, check out The Jeff Rubin Show. It’s a podcast, too!

Music: “Rambo” by The Features

Photograph of X-Force comic books and action figures

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Airdate 14 March 2012
Duration 55:19
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