Episode #49 Aaron Burdette / The Skunk with the Purple Beret

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Prepare yourselves for as deep a discussion about the world of Sonic the Hedgehog as may ever appear on this podcast. Matt and Brett sit down with Aaron Burdette to discuss the anthropomorphic star of the line of Archie comic books, as well as some video games you’ve probably heard of. We also touch upon Star Wars, living in The South, Brett’s letter to ToyFare, and the monkey from Friends.

For a terrifying glimpse into the world of Sonic, watch this YouTube video.

Aaron Burdette is a sketch writer in New York City whose work is featured weekly as part of Stone Cold Fox at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Follow him on his amazeballs Twitter @AaronBurdette.

Read Aaron’s graphic novel reviews on Goodreads.

Cover of Love & Rockets #21

On the next episode, we’ll be talking about Love & Rockets #21 from Fantagraphics by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez.

Music: “Hang Loose” by Alabama Shakes

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Airdate 21 January 2013
Duration 1:12:36
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