Episode #51 Kasey Soska / OverPower UnBoxing

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Matt and Brett are joined by Kasey Soska, co-host of the storytelling podcast Flee The Scene. He shares some ridiculous stories and makes a good case for checking out the comic book section in your local library.

Then things get insane as the trio opens a factory sealed box of original Marvel OverPower cards from 1995. A new pack is opened every two minutes as they marvel at the most “interesting” artwork ever seen by man. Below we have provided scans of the cards deemed Ugliest from every pack. Enjoy!

  1. Wolverine, Black Cat, War Machine, Bishop (XSE Tactics), Psylocke, Cyclops, Professor X (Psychic Scan), Doctor Octopus, Professor X (X-Men Founder)
  2. Thor, Jubilee (Distracting Burst), Punisher, Omega Red, Jubilee (Training), Loki, Gambit, Silver Surfer, Black Widow
  3. Bishop (Spectrum Blast), Colossus, Spider-Woman, Jubilee (Spectrum Tease), Mystique, Deadpool

You can check out Flee the Scene on the web, follow Kasey as @DoctorHighFive on Twitter, and shop for your own OverPower cards on Amazon.

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Music: “With a Girl Like You” by the Troggs

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Airdate 4 February 2013
Duration 1:15:50
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