Episode #71 HeroesCon: Covers Panel

Matt and Brett had the honor of moderating the Comic Book Covers panel at HeroesCon 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cover artists Francesco Francavilla, Phil Noto, Dave Johnson and Joe Quinones all offered insight into their creative process as well as hearty laughs and humorous anecdotes. Yes, anecdotes!

Top Left: Francesco Francavilla, Top Right: Phil Noto, Bottom Left: Dave Johnson, Bottom Right: Joe Quinones

Francesco Francavilla’s work can be seen in The Black Beetle for Dark Horse Comics, as well as Hawkeye for Marvel Comics. Phil Noto currently provides covers for Astonishing X-Men and just wrapped up a run on Thunderbolts. The Reverend Dave Johnson provided iconic covers for series like 100 Bullets, Punisher MAX, and Deadpool. Joe Quinones’s work can currently be seen on the cover of Captain Marvel every month.

Music: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

Audience member sketching the panel

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Airdate 24 June 2013
Duration 53:33
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