Episode #108 Jim Viscardi / Like the King of Croatia

This week Brett is joined by fellow podcaster Jim Viscardi, host of the new and incredibly insightful interview podcast, Let’s Talk Comics. Join us as we discuss Jim’s origins at Marvel Comics, his move to Nashville, the identity of his nemesis, and his new podcast endeavor.

Be sure to visit Let’s Talk Comics on Tumblr and @letstalkcomics on Twitter for more about Jim’s show, including his interview with Sam Humphries.

Next week, we will be celebrating the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier by reading Falcon #1-4 by Christopher Priest, Paul Smith, and Marc Bright. Purchase the comic in a new trade paperback on Amazon.

Music: “You Talk Way Too Much” by The Strokes

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Airdate 31 March 2014
Duration 50:15
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